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"holy black ny" Visits Dukes Barber Shop

It was a pleasure having our good friends from “holy black ny” visit the barbershop the other day. We have been working with them for years & have become great friends.

They recently did a tour of each of the barbershops that they sell product with. We of course, were one of those supporters. During their visit through a snowstorm, they got to hang out with us at the shop and make a fantastic video scene here.

If you haven’t tried their products, the next time you’re at the shop, definitely ask your Barber.

After the shop closed, my staff, our good friends, and I went to the local bar/restaurant, McGeary ‘s in Albany. Definitely one of our favorite spots.

It’s always a pleasure seeing those guys and we can’t wait to see them again at the next The Barber expo in Connecticut.

See the video scene of the shop on Facebook, link below -

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